dotbuffer   (INTERNAL)
  editquota   Change a users quota.
  enablechkservdwebmail   Enable service checking of webmaild.
  exchange*   (INTERNAL)
  finddev   (INTERNAL)
  findhacks   Search for common Trojan Horses.
  findtrojans   Exhaustive Trojan Horse search.
  fixadmin   (OLD)
  fixcartwithsuexec   (INTERNAL)   Can be used to fix a cart with suexec.
  fixcgiwrap   (OLD)
  fixcommonproblems   Attempt to fix the most common problems.
  fixeverything   Common problems and quotas.
  fixfpwml   Fix for .wml errors with frontpage.
  fixheaders   Run if nothing compiles errors with .h files on compile.
  fixhome   (NOT USED)   Unsymlink items.
  fixinterchange   Reinstall interchange Perl modules.
  fixinterchangeperm   fix permissions on a users interchange cart.
  fixipsnm   Same as addnetmask ips, but Perl though.
  fixlibnet   Reinstall Bundle::libnet (Perl).
  fixlocalhostwithphp   Change /etc/hosts to work better with php 4.2.0 + mySQL.
  fixndc   Repair redhat's broken named.conf on 7.2.
  fixoldlistswithsuexec   Run after enabling suexec on the server to change the urls that Mailman
gives out to ones that don't give a 500 internal server error.
  fixperl   Symlink /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl.
  fixpop   Fix a POP account and reset password.
  fixquotas   Fix quotas.
  fixrelayd   (OLD)
  fixrh72ndckey   (INTERNAL)
  fixsubdomainlogs   Run if subdomain logs don't show up in CPanel.
  fixsuexeccgiscripts   Fix cgi scripts that are broken after suexec installed.
  fixtrojans   (NOT USED)
  fixvaliases   Fix permisions on valiases.
  fixwebalizer   Repair a Webalizer that has stopped updating.

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