2.22. SSL/TLS
2. Enter the e mail address to send the certificate to in the Email Address the Cert will be sent to
3. Enter the domain that the domain is being created for in the Host to make cert for field.
4. Enter the administration details of the certificate in the Country, State, City, Company Name,
Company Division, and Email fields.
5. Enter the password for the certificate in the Password field.
Figure 2.120: Generating an SSL certificate
Installing an SSL certificate
Once you have generated or received an SSL certificate (refer to page 89 for more information), you can
install the certificate using WebHost Manager. You need both the certificate and key files to install the
To install an SSL certificate:
1. Click on the Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain link in the SSL/TLS menu.
2. Enter the domain, user name, and IP address for the certificate in the Domain, User, and IP Address
3. Click on the Fetch button to paste the .key and .crt files for the domain into the available display
spaces, if they are currently on your server. Otherwise, copy and paste the .key and .crt files into the
available display areas.
Note: If you generated the certificate using WebHost Manager, the certificate files will be available.
Refer to page 89 for more information.
4. Paste the ca bundle for the certificate in the bottom display area, if required.
5. Click on the Do it button.

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