2.22. SSL/TLS
8. Click on the the type of certificate that you want to purchase from the Certificate Type drop down
list. The current price list is available underneath the form.
9. Click on the Standard Trust Logo and/or Credit Card Trust Logo tick boxes, as required.
10. Click on the radio button for the number of servers you want and the number of years for which you
want the certificate to be valid.
11. Enter the password for the certificate owner in the Challenge Password field.
Figure 2.119: Purchasing an SSL certificate
12. Click on the Continue button.
13. Copy the RSA Private Key and Certificate Request values to a separate file for safe keeping.
14. Click on the Continue button.
15. Pay the online vendor for the certificate that you have ordered.
Listing SSL hosts
You can display a list of all the SSL hosts installed on your server at any time.
To list SSL hosts:
1. Click on the List SSL Hosts link in the SSL/TLS menu.
2. The list of installed SSL hosts is now displayed.
Deleting a SSL hosts
Delete an SSL host when you no longer need that SSL certificate.
To delete a SSL hosts:
1. Click on the Delete a SSL Host link in the SSL/TLS menu.
2. Click on the tick box next to the SSL host that you want to delete and click on the Delete button.
Generating an SSL certificate
You can generate an SSL certificate, consisting of an RSA private key and certificate, for any domain using
WebHost Manager. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a public key which is verified by a trusted
organization (in this case RSA Data Security, Inc. , a recognized world leader in cryptography and the global
de facto standard for public key cryptography and digital signatures). This will allow viewers of an SSL site
to verify the identity of the web site by its public key.
To generate an SSL certificate:
1. Click on the Generate an SSL certificate and Signing Request link in the SSL/TLS menu.

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