2.21. CPANEL 6
CPanel 6
The CPanel 6 area contains a variety of miscellaneous features that help you to manage CPanel accounts.
Resetting a Shopping Cart
You can refresh a shopping cart that is not resetting by itself. This command is only designed to be used
with the shopping cart scripts that come pre installed with CPanel.
To reset a shopping cart:
1. Click on the Reset a Shopping Cart link in the CPanel 6 menu.
2. Click on the domain name with the problem shopping cart and click on the Reset button.
Modifying CPanel/WHM news
You can display a customized version of the CPanel or WebHost Manager news, rather than use the default
news script. You can modify the following areas:
  Global CPanel News   Displays on the home page of all CPanels that you can effect, including your
own, your resellers', and your resellers' customers' CPanels.
  Global WHM News   Displays in the News area of all resellers' WebHost Managers.
  Resold Customer News   Displays on the home page of all your resellers' customers' CPanels.
  CPanel News   Displays on the home page of all your customers' CPanels (not your resellers'
The News page is coded in HTML so you need to use HTML code when creating your own news content.
To modify CPanel or WebHost Manager news:
1. Click on the Modify CPanel/WHM News link in the CPanel 6 menu.
2. Enter or copy and paste the HTML code that you want to use into the relevant work areas.
3. Click on the Save News button.
Figure 2.111: Modifying CPanel news
Upgrading to the latest version
You can upgrade to the latest version of CPanel automatically using WebHost Manager. WebHost Manager
will check for updates, and download and apply any changes as required.
To upgrade to the latest version of CPanel:

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