2.19. EMAIL
The Email area allows you troubleshoot problematic e mail addresses, manage your mail queue, and
view e mail statistics for your server.
Using the Mail Troubleshooter
The Mail Troubleshooter function enables you to send a test e mail to a problematic address to determine
what is wrong. This process will track down the vast majority of e mail problems that can occur on your
To use the Mail Troubleshooter:
1. Click on the Mail Troubleshooter link in the Email menu.
2. Enter the problematic e mail address in the Email to trace field.
3. Click on the Do it button.
Figure 2.106: Visual trace of an e mail address
Managing the mail queue
The Exim Mail Queue area enables you to view all waiting messages in the mail queue, as well as attempt
to deliver or delete all the messages in the queue.
To manage the mail queue:
1. Click on the Manage Mail Queue link in the Email menu.
2. View the e mail as required. Click on the Delete link next to an e mail if you need to delete it, or
click on the Deliver Now link next to an e mail to deliver it now.
Figure 2.107: Delivering an e mail in the mail queue

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