2.14. MYSQL
Setting up a remote MySQL server
You can change the MySQL server from the local server ( localhost ) to point to a remote server. This
allows MySQL functions to be performed by another computer.
To set up a remote MySQL server:
1. Click on the Setup Remote MySQL server link in the MySQL menu.
2. Enter the name of the remote server in the Remote Mysql Host field and its password in the Remote
Mysql Host's Root Password field.
Note: Do not enter the root password for the remote MySQL server in the Remote Mysql Host's
Root Password field.
3. Click on the Setup button.
Figure 2.93: Setting up a remote MySQL server
Repairing a database
You can attempt to repair a MySQL database using WebHost Manager. The function checks each table for
errors and attempts to fix them.
To repair a database:
1. Click on the Repair a Database link in the MySQL menu.
2. Click on the database that you want to repair in the displayed list and click on the Repair Database
Figure 2.94: Repairing a database
3. A status list is displayed, stating which tables have been checked and the result.
Changing passwords
You can use WebHost Manager to change the password of any MySQL user or database on your server.
To change a user or database password:

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