2.14. MYSQL
The MySQL area enables you to repair a database, change passwords, and show what MySQL
processes are in use.
Resetting the MySQL root password
You can reset your MySQL root password using WebHost Manager. This function should only be used if
you are unable to change the password and have received a permission denied error.
Try to reset the password using the Set MySQL Root Password function first before following this
procedure. Refer to page 27 for more information.
To reset the MySQL root password:
1. Click on the Reset Local MySQL Root Password link in the MySQL menu.
2. Enter the new password in the field provided and click on the Change Password button.
Figure 2.91: Resetting the MySQL root password
Adding a MySQL access host
You can add additional hosts that are able to access MySQL databases on this server. You can also specify
a remote MySQL server, as long as you provide the proper user name and password.
To add one or more MySQL access hosts:
1. Click on the Additional MySQL Access Hosts link in the MySQL menu.
2. Enter the additional host information, one per line. For example:
3. Click on the Save button.
Note: These hosts will only become active on a user's machine after they have logged on to CPanel
and entered the MySQL databases area. If you want all users to be updated automatically, click on
the Click Here! link (not the Save button).
Figure 2.92: Adding a MySQL access host

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