Editing an MX entry
WebHost Manager enables you to alter MX (Mail Exchange Record) Entries at any time. By altering an
MX Entry you can point the e mail for a particular domain to another mail server, if required.
To edit an MX entry:
1. Click on the Edit an MX Entry link in the DNS Functions menu.
2. Click on the required domain in the list and click on the Edit button.
3. Enter the new domain that e mail will be sent to and click on the Save button.
Figure 2.87: Editing an MX entry
Performing a DNS cleanup
WebHost Manager enables you to clean up your nameserver configuration file whenever required.
Note: Make sure you are not editing any nameserver configuration files during the clean up.
To perform a DNS cleanup:
1. Click on the Perform a DNS Cleanup link in the DNS Functions menu.
2. Read the warning. Click on the Ok button when you are ready.
Figure 2.88: Performing a DNS cleanup
Establishing a trust relationship
You can establish a master/primary nameserver relationship at your server setup level   refer to page 16 for
more information. If you do set up a primary nameserver, you need to establish a trust relationship between
the two servers so that you can add all DNS entries from the primary nameserver. This saves you having to
log on to multiple servers to set up various DNS entries.
To establish a trust relationship with a primary nameserver:
1. Click on the Establish A Trust Relationship With a Primary Nameserver link in the DNS
Functions menu.
2. Enter the root password for the trusted nameserver in the Master Server Root Password field.
3. Click on the Do it button.

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