2.10. THEMES
Figure 2.72: Installing a new CPanel theme
Deleting a CPanel theme
You can delete a CPanel theme when it is no longer required. Make sure that no users are using this theme
before you delete it.
If any users have themes that are automatically updated, they will reappear on this list. To
successfully delete these themes, you need to remove the following script: /scripts/postupcp.
To delete a CPanel theme:
1. Click on the Delete a CPanel Theme link in the Themes menu.
2. Click on the link to the theme that you want to delete.
Cloning a CPanel theme
WebHost Manager enables you to clone an existing theme, which you can then download and alter as you
require. This is usually done for branding purposes   you only want to add your logo and do not want to
create a new theme from scratch.
To clone a CPanel theme:
1. Click on the Clone a CPanel Theme link in the Themes menu.
2. Click on the link to the theme that you want to clone.
3. Enter the name for the new theme in the available field, and click on the Do it button.
Figure 2.73: Cloning a CPanel theme
Downloading a themeball
You can download installed themes for WebHost Manager or CPanel as a themeball   a tarred group of all
the files required for a theme. You can use this to brand the downloaded theme with your company's logo
or use it as an example of how to create a brand new theme.
To download a themeball:

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