2.10. THEMES
Figure 2.71: Adding a WebHost Manager theme
3. Click on the Save button.
Setting the default WebHost Manager theme
You can set a default WebHost Manager theme for all users who do have not chosen a specific WebHost
Manager theme.
To set the default WebHost Manager theme:
1. Click on the Set Default WHM Theme link in the Themes menu.
2. Click on the required WebHost Manager theme.
Listing installed themes
You can view a list of all of your currently installed themes, divided into WebHost Manager and CPanel
To list installed themes:
1. Click on the List Installed WHM Themes or List Installed CPanel Themes link in the Themes
2. View the displayed list of themes. Refer to page 57 if you want to install a new theme.
Installing a new theme
WebHost Manager enables you to upload and install a new theme. This gives you the capability to create
and use your own themes on both WebHost Manager and CPanel. New themes need to be archived using
tar, using the directory structure shown in WebHost Manager, and have a file extension of .whmtheme or
You can see how currently installed themes work by downloading them   refer to page 58 for more information.
To install a new theme:
1. Click on the Install a New WHM Theme or Install a New CPanel Theme link in the Themes
2. Make sure your tarred theme conforms to the displayed directory structure.
3. Use the Browse... button to select the theme that you want to upload.
4. Click on the Upload button.

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