Figure 2.56: E mailing all users
Displaying all accounts
WebHost Manager can display a summary list of active and inactive accounts at any time. Inactive accounts
are by definition suspended; active accounts are by definition not suspended.
To display all accounts:
1. Click on the Show Active and Inactive Accounts link in the Account Functions menu.
2. A list of all active and inactive accounts is now displayed. You can make all inactive accounts active
again by clicking on the Make Inactive Domains Active link.
Figure 2.57: Displaying all accounts
Changing account ownership
Occasionally an account may be listed as belonging to one reseller when it actually belongs to another.
WebHost Manager enables you to change the ownership of an account from one reseller to another at any
To change account ownership:
1. Click on the Change ownership of an account link in the Account Functions menu.
2. Click on the required domain or user name in the displayed list and click on the Change button.
3. Click on the correct owner in the available drop down list and click on the ok button.
Figure 2.58: Changing account ownership
Enabling or disabling demo mode
You can use WebHost Manager's demo mode feature to turn any account into a demo account. A demo
account restricts a user's ability to alter files and folders, but still appears to be fully functional. Demo mode
is usually used as a sales tool for prospective clients.
To enable or disable demo mode:

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