Limiting bandwidth usage
WebHost Manager enables you to limit the bandwidth usage of a particular domain or all the domains of a
particular user.
Note: Bandwidth usage is only checked once a day, between midnight and 6am server time.
To limit bandwidth usage:
1. Click on the Limit Bandwidth Usage link in the Account Functions menu.
2. Click on the required domain or user name in the displayed list and click on the Limit button.
3. Enter the bandwidth limit for the account in the Bandwidth Limit field and click on the Change
Figure 2.50: Limiting the bandwidth on an account
Suspending or unsuspending an account
WebHost Manager enables you to suspend problematic accounts. Suspension simply means that no web site
pages are served to accounts, no FTP connections are accepted, and all e mail is blocked. Suspension is the
first step in dealing with problematic accounts. If the problems can not be resolved, the account needs to
be terminated   refer to page 43 for more information.
To suspend or unsuspend an account:
1. Click on the Suspend/Unsuspend an Account link in the Account Functions menu.
2. Click on the required domain or user name in the displayed list.
3. Enter a brief description of why the account is being suspended in the Reason field, if you are
suspending an account.
4. Click on the Disallow resellers from unsuspended tick box if you do not want the reseller who
signed up this account unsuspending it.
5. Click on the Suspend or UnSuspend button.
Figure 2.51: Suspending an account

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