7. Enter the maximum number of items allowed in the Max Ftp Accounts, Max Email Accounts,
Max Email Lists, Max SQL Databases, Max Sub Domains, Max Park Domains, and Max
Addon Domains fields.
Note: Enter the text unlimited if you do not want to place a limit on any particular item.
8. Enter the maximum bandwidth in megabytes allowed by the account in the Bandwidth Limit field.
9. Click on the default CPanel theme for the account in the Cpanel Theme field.
10. If this is an IP account, you can choose what available IP address is used from the IP Address
drop down list.
11. Click on the Create button.
Figure 2.44: Creating a new account
Skeleton directory
The skeleton directory is the directory template that is used to create all new accounts   any files that are
placed in the skeleton directory are automatically copied into new accounts. For example, if you placed
an index.html file in the /public html folder in your skeleton directory, all new accounts will have that
automatically include that file.
To display the skeleton directory path:
1. Click on the Skeleton Directory link in the Account Functions menu.
2. The skeleton directory path is now displayed.
Figure 2.45: Displaying the skeleton directory path
Terminating an account
Terminating an account deletes the account and all associated files from your web server. Terminating a
problematic account should be a last resort   you can always suspend an account until the problems are
resolved. Refer to page 46 for more information.
To terminate an account:

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