Account Functions
The Account Functions area deals with all of the functions necessary to create and manage web hosting
accounts, from creating and editing accounts to e mailing all users and listing all subdomains. Refer to the
many sub topics below for more information on using the account functions in WebHost Manager.
Listing accounts
The List Account function displays all of the accounts on your server. It displays a variety of detailed
information including the account's domain name, IP number, user name, contact e mail, partition location,
and disk space quota. At the bottom of the list is the total number of accounts and a search function that
enables you to search for specific types of accounts.
To list your accounts:
1. Click on the List Accounts link in the Account Functions menu.
2. A detailed list of accounts on your server is displayed. If you need to find a subset of your accounts,
click on one of the listed radio buttons, enter the search criteria in the available field, and click on the
Find button.
Figure 2.43: Listing your accounts
Creating a new account
WebHost Manager enables you to quickly add new accounts   you simply fill in the fields to specify the account
details. Using packages will speed up this process considerably   refer to page 60 for more information.
The CPanel / WebHost Manager package does not support domains or usernames that start with
numbers. Do not create accounts that start with numbers as you will not be able to use some functions on
these accounts.
To create a new account:
1. Click on the Create a New Account link in the Account Functions menu.
2. If you want to use a predefined package for this account, click on the required option in the Package
drop down list. This will fill in many of the fields automatically.
3. Enter the domain name and username of the account in the Domain and UserName fields. The
UserName field will automatically populate with the first 8 characters of the domain name, but you
can change this to whatever you want.
4. Enter the password and disk space quota for the account in the Password and Quota fields.
5. Indicate whether this account is an IP address or not in the Ip tick box. If ticked, all accounts created
with this package can not use a domain name.
6. Indicate whether CGI access, Shell access, and FrontPage Extensions are allowed in the CGI Access,
Shell Access, and FrontPage Extentions tick boxes.

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