The Support area contains a knowledgebase of problems and script solutions, as well as a support request
form for server owners.
Using the Interactive Knowledgebase
The Interactive Knowledgebase enables you to find solutions to many common problems you may encounter
when running WebHost Manager   simply search for related topics to your keywords, and the Knowledgebase
will present a list of solutions.
To use the Interactive Knowledgebase:
1. Click on the Interactive Knowledgebase link in the Support menu.
2. Enter a brief keyword description of the problem you are having in the Enter Issue field.
Example: If you have a problem with mailman after installing suexec, enter: suexec mailman
3. Enter the domain that has the problem in the Affected Domain field, if required. This will customize
any solutions you find to that domain.
4. Click on the Search for Answer button.
5. Click on the Click to fix! link next to the required solution. If you entered a domain as part of the
search criteria, the solution script will automatically run against that domain. If you did not enter any
domain as part of the search criteria, the solution script will run against your account.
Figure 2.33: Using the Interactive Knowledgebase
Submitting a support request
You can submit a support request to CPanel.net developers. There are several alternate forms of help you
should peruse before you submit a support request:
1. CPanel/WebHost Manager FAQ   Please use the online search facility in the online FAQ to see
if your problem is listed.
2. Support Forums   Search through the archives or ask a question at the CPanel.net support forums .
3. Documentation   Please check the online CPanel and WebHost Manager documentation for help.
The following support request form is designed only for server owners. If you have a question
about how to use WebHost Manager or CPanel, please direct the question to the company from which you
obtained your license. CPanel support will not be able to answer questions about installing third party
software (ImageMagick, pdflib, etc.).
To submit a support request:
1. Click on the Submit a Support Request link in the Support menu.

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