1. Click on the Manage Wheel Group Users link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the button with the name of the user that you want to remove from the Wheel group.
Figure 2.30: Removing a user from the Wheel group
Enabling or disabling shell fork bomb protection
WebHost Manager is installed with shell fork bomb protection against Telnet/SSH users using all of the
server resources and causing a system crash. This protection can be disabled or re enabled as required.
To enable or disable shell fork bomb protection:
1. Click on the Shell Fork Bomb Protection link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the Disable Protection or the Enable Protection button as required.
Figure 2.31: Disabling shell fork bomb protection
Remote access keys
A remote access key is used for automatic account creation scripts, external billing software, and various
other applications that need to call WebHost Manager to create, remove, or modify accounts. A Perl and
PHP module is available for applications using those technologies   refer to page ?? and/or page ?? for
more information. Refer to the external software provider for detailed instructions as to where and how the
remote access key needs to be inserted for their application.
To view or generate a remote access key:
1. Click on the Setup Remote Access Key link in the Server Setup menu.
2. You can copy and paste the current key, if that is what you need. To generate a new key, click on the
Generate New Key button.

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