1. Click on the Change System Mail Preferences link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Enter the forwarding mail address for a system user in the available field, and click on the Change
3. Repeat the previous step for the other fields as required.
4. Remove the address in a field and click on the Change button to disable mail forwarding for that user.
Figure 2.26: Forwarding system mail
Service Manager
The Service Manager area enables you to start and stop available services on your server. The following
services are available:
  cppop   POP3 server
  entropychat   CPanel's HTML based chat server
  exim   SMTP server
  httpd   web server
  interchange   shopping cart server
  melange   Java based chat server
  mysql   database server
  named   name server (BIND)
  proftpd   FTP server
  spamd   SpamAssassin server
Note: If you choose to disable this, you need to disable the SpamAssassin option from all customers
as well. Refer to page 17 for more information on disabling this setting.
  exim on another port   Run another copy of exim on a different port number, as some providers
block 25, the standard port number
Refer to page 92 if you need to restart any services.
To start or stop a service
1. Click on the Service Manager link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the tick boxes next to the required services to start or stop them.
3. Click on the Save button.

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