Figure 2.18: Managing a reseller's shared IP address
Changing ownership of an account
You can change the ownership of an account from one reseller to another, or to yourself, as required.
To change ownership of an account:
1. Click on the Reseller Center link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the Change Ownership of an account link.
3. Click on the required domain name and click on the Change button.
4. Click on the new owner from the drop down list and click on the ok button.
Figure 2.19: Changing ownership of an account
Assigning an IP for a new nameserver
You need to add an IP address for a nameserver when you create a new nameserver.
To assign an IP for a new nameserver:
1. Click on the Manage Nameserver IPs link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Enter the IP for the new nameserver in the Nameserver field and click on the Assign button.
Figure 2.20: Assigning an IP for a new nameserver
Enabling quotas
You can enable WebHost Manager to set disk space quotas for the accounts on your server.
Note: If you have compiled a custom kernel on your machine that does not have quota support, enabling
quotas may result in an unbootable system.
To enable quotas:
1. Click on the Initial Quota Setup link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Read the warning information and then click on the Ok button.

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