Figure 2.7: Changing update preferences
Changing your hostname
The Change Hostname option enables you to change the hostname of your server. It is important to choose
a hostname that will not be used for any account, and the hostname must be socially acceptable, as it will
appear in all mail headers. The hostname must be a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). All valid
hostnames must have at least 2 dots in them, for example entropy.yourdomain.com.
WebHost Manager automatically generates 10 random hostnames based on your current hostname as samples
which you can use.
To change your hostname:
1. Click on the Change Hostname link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Enter your changed hostname in the New Hostname field.
3. Click on the Change button.
Figure 2.8: Changing your hostname
Modifying the resolver configuration file
The resolver configuration file (resolv.conf) is a configuration file for name server routines. Normally you do
not need to modify resolv.conf.
Note: Do not modify the IP values unless you know what you are doing. If they are not altered properly,
your server will not function properly.
To modify the resolver configuration file:
1. Click on the Modify Resolver Configuration link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the Continue button.
3. Read the information unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Enter your primary resolver's
IP address in the Primary Resolver field.
4. Enter additional resolvers' IP addresses in the Secondary Resolver and Tertiary Resolver fields,
if required.
Figure 2.9: Modifying the resolver configuration file

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