Add the mail. prefix for mailman urls   Inserts a mail. subdomain prefix before Mailman
  Mailman   Enables the Mailman mailing list script.
Note: New web statistics packages take 24 48 hours to generate enough statistics to display for users.
3. Click on the Save button.
Figure 2.4: Tweaking settings
Using the Contact Manager
The Contact Manager enables you to set priority levels on which alerts are sent to you and when. You can
set the priority rating on each contact method, which indicates what level of priority is sent to that contact
method. For example, if you set pager a rating of 3, each alert with a priority of 1 3 will be sent to your
pager. You can also set the priority rating of of each alert type.
If you set the priority level of an alert higher than than the priority level of any contact method,
you will not be contacted when that alert occurs.
To use the Contact Manager:
1. Click on the Contact Manager link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Enter the priority level of each of the contact methods in the top fields.
Figure 2.5: Setting the pager priority level
3. Change the priority level of the alerts in the fields listed, if required.
Tweaking FTP settings
You can change between two different FTP servers, Proftpd and Pure ftpd, as required. The advantages
and disadvantages of both servers are displayed in the displayed screen capture.
You can also enable or disable anonymous FTP for the entire machine, if required.
To alter your FTP settings:
1. Click on the Tweak Ftp Settings link in the Server Setup menu.
2. Click on the Switch to Pure ftpd button.

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