Analog Stats   Enables the Analog web statistics script.
  Webalizer Stats   Enables the Webalizer web statistics script.
  Awstats Stats   Enables the Awstats web statistics script.
  Enable Reverse dns resolution for Awstats   Enables Awstats to look up the domain names
of IP addresses that contact customer's web sites. This increases server load and bandwidth.
  Allow users to update Awstats from CPanel   Allows customers to regenerate Awstats
statistics whenever they choose.
  Horde Webmail   Enables the Horde webmail application.
  Neomail Stats   Enables the Neomail webmail application.
  SquirrelMail Webmail   Enables the SquirrelMail webmail application.
  Spamassassin   Enables the Spamassassin application.
  Delete each domain's access logs after stats run   After web statistics are calculated for a
domain name delete the access logs for that domain.
  Interchange Version to use   Indicates which version of the Interchange shopping cart to use,
or disables the script.
  Chmod value for raw apache log files   Sets the permissions on raw Apache log files.
  Disk Space Usage Warnings   Sends an e mail each night when a user is near their disk space
  Email Box Usage Warnings   Sends an e mail each night when a user is near their e mail
inbox limit.
  Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods   Limit the amount of connections from each
host to the POP3 server.
  The number of times users are allowed to check their mail using pop3 per hour  
Enter the number of times users can check their POP3 mailboxes per hour.
  Prevent the user 'nobody' from sending out mail to remote addresses   Prevents the
'nobody' user from sending e mails outside the script's domain.
  The maximum each domain can send out per hour   Enter how many e mails one domain
can send per hour.
  Email users when they have reached 80% of their bandwidth   Sends a warning e mail
to customers when they have reached 80% of their monthly bandwidth limit.
  Disable Suspending accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit   Does not automatically
suspend accounts that exceed their bandwidth limit.
  Keep Stats Log (/usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats log) between cpanel restarts   Enables
WebHost Manager to keep the statistics log when restarting the application.
  Stats Log Level   Used for debugging purposes (Indicates what error logging is saved in
/usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats log).
  Disable Disk Quota display caching   If disabled, disk quotas will be updated continuously,
but will slow down the machine significantly. If not disabled, disk quotas will be delayed by up
15 minutes.
  Allow Sharing Nameserver Ips   Enables you to assign multiple DNS servers to the same IP
  MySQL Version to use   Indicate which MySQL version for customers to use.
  Number of minutes between mail server queue runs   Enter the number of minutes between
the mail server queue being run.
  Use jailshell as the default shell for all new accounts   Uses the jailshell as the default shell
for all customers who log in via Telnet/SSH. Jailshell does not allow you to view /etc/passwd for
all users or view other user's files.

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