Output Formats and Corresponding Import Options
Information Provider
Download Instructions
Import Option
SilverPlatter WebSPIRS
Once you ve obtained your search results, 
Various SilverPlatter filters 
click Save. Select the following  Save 
are provided in EndNote's 
Records  options:
Filters folder.
Which fields?: All fields
Include: Record number and database name
Field labels: Short labels.
Click the Save Records button. Use your 
Web browser to save the page as "Text 
Only" (do not save in HTML format).
Set your communication software's options  Various STN filters are 
to capture text to a file. Type the command  provided in EndNote's Filters 
 Display All .
UnCover (Ingenta)
Using your e mail software, save references  UnCover (INGENTA)
e mailed to you as a "Plain Text" or "Text 
Only" file.
Select the following options
Destination:  Choose "e mail" or "save".
Include:  Record numbers and full text 
links (optional).
Format:  Choose "text. 
Direct Export 
Certain web sites contain a download button that will send your search 
from Web Pages
results directly to EndNote, pick the correct import option, and start the 
import process automatically. All you need to do is choose the EndNote 
library into which the data should be imported. This  direct export  or 
 direct download  method does away with the additional steps of 
saving the references to a text file, and then importing that file with the 
appropriate filter. Many online databases, such as Highwire Press, 
Ovid, OCLC, ProQuest, Web of Science, and more, provide a direct 
export of references into EndNote.
Chapter 8: Importing Reference Data into EndNote

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