Output Formats and Corresponding Import Options
Information Provider
Download Instructions
Import Option
Save your file as plain text (*.txt).
OCLC FirstSearch
Mark those references to be saved and click  Various OCLC filters are 
Export. At the next page, choose EndNote  provided in EndNote's Filters 
and then click Export. EndNote will prompt  folder.
you to select the corresponding filter.
After selecting the references you wish to 
The appropriate Ovid filter 
download, click Results Manager. Choose  will be selected automatically 
the following options:
when using Direct Export 
Fields:  Complete Reference
option. If you are using Ovid s 
multiple database searching, 
Citation Format:  Reprint/Medlars (or 
Direct Export, if available)
you must select the Direct 
Export citation format.
Click the Email or Save button. Save the file 
as plain text (*.txt).
Ovid for Windows
Select the Options button from within the 
Various Ovid filters are 
"Save Documents" dialog box. From the list  provided in EndNote's Filters 
of options, choose the Output Format, then  folder.
click OK. On the next screen, choose 
Reprint Format.
PsycINFO at www.apa.org After marking the records you wish to 
Use the PsycINFO (APA) 
download, choose Full PsycINFO Record 
then click the Display Marked Records 
button. Select the text, then copy and paste 
it into a text editor, saving the file as plain 
text (*.txt).
From the drop down menu next to the 
PubMed (NLM) filter 
Display button, choose MEDLINE, then 
click the Display button.  Use your browser 
to save the page as a plain text file (*.txt).
Reference Update
Select Reference Listings from the Output  Reference Update (ISI) filter
menu, and choose the following options:
Device: ASCII File   No Printer codes (be 
sure to enter the path and file name for the 
output file.)
Output Format: Medline
Click Print to create the output file.
Chapter 8: Importing Reference Data into EndNote

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