Output Formats and Corresponding Import Options
Information Provider
Download Instructions
Import Option
After adding your selected references to 
Various EBSCO filters are 
your folder, click  View Folder  or  Folder 
provided in EndNote's Filters 
has items  to see its contents.  If you choose  folder.
to e mail or save the references, uncheck 
the boxes to include HTML and PDF; also 
make sure  Standard Field Format  is 
checked and set to  Detailed Citation and 
Abstract .  If you choose to save to disk, you 
must also check the Bibliographic Manager 
tab, then choose  Citations in a format that 
can be uploaded to bibliographic 
management software  or  Citations in 
Direct Export format .
1.  Click the Enregistrer button.
Various INIST filters are 
2.  Select the records you wish to download.  provided in EndNote's Filters 
3.  Under  Quels champs?  choose "Tous 
les champs."
4.  Under  Incluez  choose "Numero de 
notice et nom de la base de donnees" and 
"Libelles abreges."
3.  Click the Sauvegarde de notices button
ISI CD (Citation Indexes) From the File menu, choose Save Records.  Citation Indexes (ISI) filter
In the Save Records dialog, choose the 
NLM Medline format from the Export 
Format menu.
ISI Web of Science
When viewing your marked references, 
click Export to have the references exported 
directly to EndNote. (See  Direct Export 
from Web Pages  on page 84.) You may 
also choose Save to File to save the 
references to a text file and import them 
into EndNote.
Knowledge Finder
Place document in the Save file, and select  Various Knowledge Finder 
the document. Choose Export Selected 
filters are provided in 
Documents from the File menu.
EndNote's Filters folder.
After selecting the desired records and 
MEDLINE (Medscape) filter
adding them to your clipboard, click the 
Save or Email Clipboard link. Save or 
email your clipboard in PC or Mac 
MEDLARS format as a plain text (*.txt) 
Chapter 8: Importing Reference Data into EndNote

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