Multi Filter (Special)
A special option for importing files that include references from 
multiple sources.
Various import filters
EndNote includes hundreds of import filters configured to import 
data from a variety of online databases. Most likely, the first time 
you import a file, you will not see the import filter that you need in 
this list. Choose Other Filters from the Import Options list to find 
the filter that matches the source of the data you want to import. 
Import filters that you have recently used or chosen as your 
favorites will be listed in the Import Options list in the Import 
The table on page 81 provides more information about the 
download formats that work with these filters. See  Choose the 
Correct Import Filter  on page 76 for information about how to 
choose the filters to appear in the Import Option list.
Use Connection File
EndNote provides the option of using a connection file as an import 
filter. This is useful if you need to import the Connect.log file 
generated by using EndNote's Connect command to search a 
remote database. The Connect.log file should include all of the 
references from your previous session. See page 67 for information 
about the Connect command.
Summary of Output Formats and 
Corresponding Import Options
A subset of the supported services are listed here with their 
recommended output formats. At the time this guide was printed, these 
were the current format options for each information provider listed in 
the table. If you find that these formats have changed, please check the 
documentation from your information provider or contact us. 
Copyright Issues and Fair Use of Downloaded Data
EndNote gives you the capability to import references downloaded from 
online databases into its libraries. Some producers of online reference 
databases expressly prohibit such use and storage of their data; others 
charge an extra fee for a license to use the data in this way. Before you 
download references from a database, be sure to carefully check the 
copyright and fair use notices for the database. Note that different 
databases may have varying restrictions, even from the same information 
provider (such as DIALOG or Ovid). 
Chapter 8: Importing Reference Data into EndNote

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