Windows and UNIX. The ANSEL option should only be used for 
MARC format files. If you do not know the encoding of the file, 
try No Translation first, then try Latin 1 if diacritical characters are 
not imported correctly.
Windows: Choose No Translation for all text files except MARC 
format files, which usually require ANSEL translation.
7. Click Import to import the file.
When the import is complete, only newly imported references display 
in the Library window. This is a perfect time to add a keyword to all of 
the imported references using the Change Field command, or to peruse 
the imported data to make sure it imported as expected. 
To return all of your references to the library display (including the 
newly imported ones), choose Show All from the References menu.
Import Options
EndNote's import options include:
EndNote Library
Used to import one EndNote library into another.
EndNote Import
Used to import text files that have been downloaded from online 
databases or exported from EndNote using the EndNote format.
Used to import text files exported from the Refer or BibIX 
programs. The EndNote import format is based on the Refer/BibIX 
Used to import text files that have been exported from ProCite 
(Macintosh or Windows). 
Tab Delimited
Used to import text files in which the fields within a single 
reference is separated by tabs.
Reference Manager (RIS)
Used to import text files exported from Reference Manager, 
Reference Update, Reference Web Poster, or any other source that 
uses the RIS format. 
Used to import text files downloaded from ISI's Web of Science 
and other ISI sources.
EndNote Generated XML
Used to export in a proprietary XML format.
Chapter 8: Importing Reference Data into EndNote

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