The references are downloaded and appear in the Retrieved References 
window for the PubMed Database connection. 
You can halt a retrieval in progress by clicking the Pause button at the 
top (Macintosh) or bottom (Windows) of the Retrieved References 
window, or by pressing the Escape key (E
), or by pressing 
Save the 
At this point you can peruse the retrieved references to see which ones 
you would like to keep. Save the references you want by transferring 
them into one of your own EndNote libraries. 
The selected references can be copied to an open library using drag 
and drop or the Copy and Paste commands. You can also copy 
references directly to a library that is open, to a library that is closed, 
or to a new library using the Copy References To command, as 
described below.
For this example, we will save two of the retrieved references to 
EndNote's sample Paleo library. 
To save your retrieved references:
1. Select two of the references displayed by holding down the
(Macintosh) or the C
 key (Windows) and clicking on the 
individual references. (S
 click to select a range of references.) 
2. Click the Copy # References To button (the # indicates the number 
of selected references), and do one of these:
If the Paleo library is already open and appears in the list, 
select it.
Select Choose Library. In the file dialog that appears, open the 
Examples folder in the EndNote 8 folder, choose P
Chapter 7: Searching Remote Databases

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