Importing Reference Data into EndNote  on page 75). Once you know 
the terms that you want to use in your searches, being able to retrieve 
the necessary references directly from EndNote is a very fast and 
efficient approach.
NOTE: If the online database that you access is not available on a 
Z39.50 server, EndNote will not be able to connect directly to it. We 
suggest that you submit a request for Z39.50 compatibility to your 
librarian or the institution that provides access to the database. You can 
still import references downloaded from non Z39.50 databases.
About the PubMed Database
For this lesson, you will connect to PubMed, the National Library of 
Medicine's online public access version of their MEDLINE database. 
PubMed is the remote database you will be searching; the National 
Library of Medicine is the information provider.
For Users With  Dial up  Internet Connections
If you use a modem and a phone line to connect to the Internet, as 
opposed to a direct network connection, this section pertains to you.
Connecting: Most setups for dial up connections are configured to 
automatically dial your information provider and connect to the 
Internet when you use an application that requests an online connection 
(as EndNote's Connect command does). However, some setups, such 
as America Online, require that you establish an online connection 
(sign on) before choosing EndNote's Connect command. 
Disconnecting: EndNote will not disconnect your Internet connection 
at any point. You need to shut down your connection when you have 
finished using EndNote's Connect feature.
NOTE: America Online users must have version 3.0 or later in order to 
use EndNote's online features.
Open the Paleo 
If EndNote is not already running, start it and open the Paleo library as 
shown under  Start EndNote  on page 27.
Connect to a 
The first step in searching a remote database is connecting to it, so that 
is how you will begin.
Chapter 7: Searching Remote Databases

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