Chapter 7:
Searching Remote Databases
With EndNote s Connect and Search commands, you can search online 
bibliographic databases just as easily as you can search an EndNote 
library on your own computer! And to make it even easier, the results 
of your searches appear as EndNote references ready for you to store 
in your own EndNote library. 
This chapter will guide you through these basic steps:
Connect to a remote database.
Search the database.
Copy the references that you want to keep into an EndNote library.
NOTE: In order to follow along with this exercise, you must be at a 
computer with access to the Internet (either dial up or a direct network 
How Does It Work? 
EndNote is able to provide access to these remote sources using an 
information retrieval protocol called  Z39.50.  Z39.50 is widely 
supported by libraries and information providers around the world as a 
convenient method to access their library catalogs and reference 
EndNote stores the information necessary to connect to and search 
these online databases in individual connection files. Preconfigured 
connection files are provided for a number of these sources. If 
necessary, you can also customize or configure your own connections 
to Z39.50 compliant databases. 
What EndNote s Searching Offers 
EndNote s search interface provides a simple way to do basic searches 
on EndNote libraries and remote databases. The same Search window 
is used for both purposes. This removes the need to learn a separate 
program to access the online databases or go through the extra steps of 
saving the references to a text file and importing them into EndNote.
This search interface is not intended to replace the advanced search 
options that may be available using the search interface offered by your 
information provider. There may be times when you want to use the 
information provider s search interface (for example, to take advantage 
of a thesaurus of search terms) and then import those references into 
EndNote. This is still an option using EndNote s Import command (see 
Chapter 7: Searching Remote Databases

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