A Format Bibliography dialog appears, where you can select a 
bibliographic style. 
Styles contain instructions for how EndNote should format the 
citations and bibliography. For this example, the manuscript 
template automatically selected the Nature style, which inserts 
citation numbers and a bibliography at the end of the paper. 
2. For this example, leave  With output style  set to Nature.
3. Click OK to leave the dialog.
EndNote automatically updates the existing citations and 
regenerates the bibliography. If you had changed the bibliographic 
style, those changes would be reflected in the paper.
In the future, if you need to make changes to the paper such as adding 
or deleting citations or text, just make the necessary edits or additions 
in your paper. If you want to change the output style or bibliography 
layout settings, choose the Format Bibliography command again. 
EndNote will reformat the in text citations and generate a new 
bibliography based on your changes.
NOTE: If you directly edit citations or the bibliography, the changes will 
be lost when you Format Bibliography again. To make and retain 
changes, either modify the output style to affect all citations, or use the 
Edit Citation command from the Tools>EndNote menu in Word.
NOTE: More than 1,100 styles are installed in EndNote's Styles folder. 
To see a list of them organized by discipline, choose Output Styles from 
the Edit menu and select the Style Manager. 
Chapter 5: Using EndNote While Writing a Paper with Microsoft Word

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