Now that you have located all of the desired references, you are ready 
to print them for your colleague. 
Select a Style 
EndNote's output styles (or just styles) represent the rules for creating 
That Includes 
bibliographies for a variety of journals and other publications. The 
styles determine how your references look when you print, export, 
preview, or create bibliographies.
We have provided a style called Annotated that includes the contents of 
the Abstract field with the formatted reference. Select this style to print 
the references with abstracts:
On the Main toolbar, select Annotated from the output style list to 
print the references with abstracts.
If you do not see the Annotated style in the output style list, you can 
select any style and go on to the next step. Any bibliographic style can 
be modified to make an annotated bibliography.
Print the Found 
Now that you have selected a style, you are ready to print the 
To print a bibliography:
1. In the Search Results window, select or highlight the references 
you wish to include in the bibliography.
2. From the File menu, choose Print. A standard print dialog appears. 
3. Click Print or OK to begin printing.
You can also use the Export or Copy Formatted commands to create a 
word processing document with these references if you would prefer to 
have the bibliography on disk rather than on paper.
To show all references again in the library window, go to the 
References menu and select Show All References.
If you do not want to continue with the next chapter, go to the EndNote 
menu and choose Quit EndNote (Macintosh) or go to the File menu and 
choose Exit (Windows) to close the EndNote program.
Chapter 4: Entering and Managing References

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