Set a Default 
You can assign a library to open automatically every time you start 
EndNote. You will find it useful to set the Paleo Library (P
as your default library for now. Later, when you create your own 
library, you can set it as the default library. 
To set a default library:
1. From the EndNote (Macintosh) or Edit (Windows) menu, choose 
Preferences and click Libraries.
2. Click Add Open Libraries. You should see the Paleo Library 
(Paleo.enl) listed at the top of the window.
3. Click Save (Macintosh) or Apply (Windows) to save this change. 
4. While you could make changes to other EndNote preferences, for 
now you can click the red close button (Macintosh) or OK 
(Windows) to leave the Preferences dialog.
Select and Open 
To work with specific references you must first select them in the 
a Reference
Library window.
There are different ways to select a reference, such as clicking on the 
reference using the mouse, using the arrow keys, or typing the first few 
letters of the field by which the library has been sorted.
To see how this works, click once on any reference to select it. If you 
have arrow keys on your keyboard, press the U
 or D
select the previous or next reference. When the library is sorted by 
author name (as it should be now), you can also select a reference by 
typing the first few letters of the author's last name. 
Chapter 3: Introduction to an EndNote Library

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