Word Templates/Add ins: 
Add in for Microsoft Word
Templates for Microsoft Word
Styles: These formats for creating bibliographies are grouped by 
Connections: These files for directly retrieving references from 
online reference databases are grouped by information service 
Filters: These files for importing text files of reference data are 
grouped by information service provider.
Spelling Dictionaries: These are dictionaries available for the 
spelling checker.
EndNote for Palm OS : These are files required for using 
EndNote for the Palm operating system.
To select or deselect an item for installation:
Click the plus sign next to each category to display a detailed list of 
items. For each category or subcategory, click the triangle next to the 
name to select from the available installation options. The options may 
Will be installed on local hard drive.
Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive.
Will be installed to run from network.
Entire feature will be installed to run from network.
Feature will be installed when required.
Entire feature will be unavailable. 
Checking Your Installation
To run EndNote Demo, click the Start button, choose Programs, select 
EndNote, and then choose EndNote Demo Program.
A dialog will ask you to open a reference library file. Choose Cancel. 
To check the version number of EndNote, choose About EndNote from 
the Help menu. Click the splash screen to clear it. 
If you have trouble accessing the program, repeat the installation steps 
to verify that the program was correctly installed.
Chapter 2: Windows EndNote Installation

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