Microsoft Office 2004:Office:Startup:Word
However, Word's startup folder location could have been changed. If 
you are unsure which startup location is being used, or to change the 
startup location:
1. Start Microsoft Word.
2. From the Word menu, choose Preferences.
3. Select the File Locations item and look at the  Startup  line to see 
the path for the designated startup folder. 
4. If the Startup line is blank, or if you would like to change the 
startup folder location, select the Startup line, click Modify, select 
the desired folder, and save your changes. 
5. Quit from Word.
Next, copy Cite While You Write files to Word's Startup Folder:
From this folder:
EndNote 8 Demo:Cite While You Write
copy these files:
EndNote 8 CWYW Commands.dot (Word X and 2004)
EndNote 8 CWYW Word X (Word X) or 
EndNote 8 CWYW Word 2004 (Word 2004)
to Word's Startup Folder.
NOTE: Word 2004 will use startup information found in both the default 
startup folder and any startup folder you indicate under Preferences.
Check your installation as described under  Checking Support for 
Microsoft Word  on page 14.
Then, copy Manuscript Templates to Word's Templates folder:
Copy the template files from this folder:
EndNote 8:Templates
to Word's Templates folder. For example:
Microsoft Office X:Templates:EndNote
Microsoft Office 2004:Templates:EndNote
Chapter 1: Macintosh EndNote Installation

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