Connections folder
This folder contains hundreds of connection files to connect to and 
search online bibliographic databases.
Filters folder
This folder contains hundreds of import filters used when 
importing text files downloaded from online bibliographic 
Terms folder 
This folder contains the three journal abbreviation term lists: 
Chemical, Medical, and Humanities. These three lists contain 
thousands of journal names and standard abbreviations. Import a 
list into your library's Journals term list to use the abbreviations in 
your bibliographies.
Spell folder 
This folder contains various language or discipline specific 
dictionary files for spell checking.
Cite While You Write folder
This folder contains the Cite While You Write files for Microsoft 
Word X and 2004. They integrate EndNote commands into Word's 
Tools menu.
Templates folder
This folder contains Microsoft Word templates to accurately and 
quickly set up your papers for electronic submission to publishers.
Services folder
This folder supplies RTF Document Scan commands for the 
Services menu of other software applications.
Palm folder
This folder contains a Palm Read Me file and Palm installer files 
to allow the Customizer to install EndNote for Palm OS, which 
allows you to keep an EndNote library on a Palm handheld device. 
First, install the full EndNote Demo program, as described under 
 Installing EndNote  on page 12.
Installing with the EndNote Customizer
You can use the EndNote Customizer to install or re install specific 
components after the EndNote program has already been installed. 
Cite While You Write: If you install Microsoft Word after installing 
EndNote, you will need to install Cite While You Write files.
Palm: If you install Palm software after installing EndNote, you will 
need to install the Palm Plug in in order to use an EndNote library on 
your handheld device.
Chapter 1: Macintosh EndNote Installation

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