Berkeley, CA 94710  U.S.A.
(408) 987 5609 (country code is 01)
(510) 559 8683 (country code is 01) 
Technical support tips are also available from the EndNote Web site 
and the endnote interest e mail forum (see below).
For customer support or technical support outside of North America, 
Customer and 
please visit our Web site to check for a local distributor. 
Go to, click on Contact Us, and then click on 
International Distributors to find a local distributor. 
The EndNote 
The EndNote Web site ( contains technical support 
Web Site
tips, utilities for data transfer, and information about the latest versions 
of EndNote. You can also find updated styles, filters, connection files, 
and other related documents at this site. Go to the Web site and look 
under Support and Services.
The EndNote 
If you wish to join an ongoing email forum of EndNote users like 
yourself, go to the EndNote Web site at, click on 
E mail Forum
Support and Services and then scroll down for instructions on how to 
subscribe to the EndNote Interest List. 
There are two types of subscriptions: The first delivers the endnote 
interest messages individually, so that every time a user sends a 
message to endnote interest, it is redirected to each member of the list. 
The second option, which we recommend, is to subscribe to the 
endnote interest digest a daily compendium of endnote interest 
In general,  Thomson ResearchSoft does not answer questions posted 
to endnote interest, but lets users answer each other's questions. 
Contact Thomson ResearchSoft directly for a guaranteed response from 
technical support staff.
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