III. Market Structure and Change Mechanisms
A. The Fragmented Buildings Industry 
The building industry comprises hundreds of thousands of firms
designing, building, and maintaining the nation's building stock and affecting
its urban landscape.
Figure 6 portrays the roles of some of the more influential types of decision 
makers and stakeholders who affect GHG related purchases and building operation decisions. This illustration
is necessarily a simplification of the actual maze of influences rooted in the building industry's geographic,
vertical, and horizontal fragmentation.
This fragmentation distinguishes the challenges to a low GHG emit 
ting future in the buildings sector from those in the transportation, industrial, and power generation sectors.
On the consumption side, the nation's 106 million households and the occupants of millions of
commercial and industrial buildings make up the largest group of energy end use decision makers in the 
U.S. economy. Their decisions influence the operation and sustainability of the largest component of the
nation's physical wealth its buildings. 
Figure 6
Nearly one third
Multiple Stakeholders and Decision makers  
(32 percent) of U.S. house 
in the Building Sector
holds rent their homes.
Similarly, 40 percent of
Federal, State, & Local
Builders, Architects,
Contractors, Service
privately owned commercial
& Repair Industries
buildings are rented or
Manufacturers &
For these segments
Product Distributors
Owners & Renters
of Buildings
of the market, landlords
have a powerful influence
over the energy efficiency of
Realtors, Financial &
Energy Service
Insurance Institutions
the building structures and
their equipment. 
Towards a Climate Friendly  
Built Environment

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