Table 4.2
Guidelines for Using XML Judiciously for Component Interaction
Data Passing 
Remote Components
Local Components
Java Objects
Highly efficient
(Fine grained access}
Document Object 
Very expensive, nonstandard 
Only for document centric 
Serialized XML
Expensive, but interoperable
No reason to serialize XML 
for local calls
This chapter covered much of the considerations a developer should keep in mind
when writing applications, particularly Web services based applications, that use
XML documents. Once these issues and considerations are understood, then a
developer can make informed decisions about not only how to design and imple 
ment these XML based applications, but if the applications should even be based on
XML. In a sense, the developer is encouraged to ask this question first:  Should this
application be based on XML?  
Once the developer decides that XML is appropriate for the application, then
the next task is for the developer to design a sound and balanced architecture.
Such an architecture should rely on XML only for what XML is good at. That is,
the architecture should use XML for open, inter application communication, con 
figuration descriptions, information sharing, and especially for accessing domains
for which public XML schemas exist. At the same time, XML may not be the
appropriate solution of choice when application interfaces are not exposed pub 
licly or for exchanging information between components that should be communi 
cating in a tightly coupled manner.
The chapter also considered the factors a developer must weigh when decid 
ing where and how to perform XML processing. Should XML processing be
limited to the interaction layer of a Web service as a pre  or post processing stage
of the business logic, or should the business logic itself be expressed in terms of

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