Performance Considerations
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Code Example 4.12
A Simple Entity Catalog
Although simple implementations such as Code Example 4.11 solve many of
the common problems related to external entity management, developers should
bear in mind that better solutions are on the horizon. For example, organizations
such as the Oasis Consortium are working on formal XML catalog specifications.
(See the Web site 
http://www.oasis open.org
 for more information on entity
resolution and XML catalogs.)
In summary, you may want to consider implementing a custom entity resolu 
tion or, even better, resort to a more elaborate XML catalog solution in the fol 
lowing circumstances:
To protect the integrity of your application against malicious modification of 
external schemas by redirecting references to secured copies (either local cop 
ies or those on trusted repositories)
During design and, even more so, during production, to protect your applica 
tion against unexpected, legitimate evolution of the schemas upon which it is 
based. Instead, you want to defer accounting for this evolution until after you 
have properly assessed their impact on your application.
To improve performance by maintaining local copies of otherwise remotely 
accessible schemas.
Performance Considerations
It is important to consider performance when processing XML documents. XML
document processing handling the document in a pre  or post processing stage to
an application's business logic may adversely affect application performance

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