Implementing XML Based Applications
Table 4.1
DOM, SAX, and XML Data Binding Programming Models (
XML Data Binding
High memory usage (The 
Low memory usage (only 
Intermediate memory usage 
document is often completely 
events are generated)
(The document is often com 
loaded in memory, though 
pletely loaded in memory, but 
some techniques such as 
the Java representation of the 
deferred or lazy DOM node 
document is more effective 
creation may lower the mem 
than a DOM representation. 
ory usage.)
Nevertheless, some imple 
mentations may implement 
techniques to lower the mem 
ory usage.)
To edit the document (pro 
To process parts of the docu 
To edit the document (pro 
cessing the in memory data 
ment (handling relevant 
cessing the in memory data 
To process multiple times 
To process the document only 
To process multiple times 
(document loaded in 
once (transient flow of 
(document loaded in 
Processing once the parsing is 
Stream processing (start pro 
Processing once the parsing is 
cessing before the parsing is 
finished, and even before the 
document is completely read)
4.4.2 Combining XML Processing Techniques
The JAXP API provides support for chaining XML processings: The JAXP
 interfaces constitute a standard mecha 
nism for chaining XML processings. There are implementations of these two inter 
faces for DOM, SAX, and even streams; JAXB and other XML processing
technologies, such as JDOM and dom4j, provide their own implementations as well.
Basically, XML processings can be chained according to two designs:
  The first design wraps the result of one processing step into a 
that can be processed by the next step. XML processing techniques that can 
produce an in memory representation of their results, such as DOM and JAXB, 
lend themselves to this design. This design is often called  batch sequential  
because each processing step is relatively independent and each runs to com 
pletion until the next step begins.
  The second design, called  stream processing  or  pipes and filters,  creates a 

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