Chapter 4 XML Processing
4.3.8 Design Recommendation Summary
When you design an XML based application, specifically one that is a Web service,
you must make certain decisions concerning the processing of the content of incom 
ing XML documents. Essentially, you decide the  how, where, and what  of the pro 
cessing: You decide the technology to use for this process, where to perform the
processing, and the form of the content of the processing.
In summary, keep in mind the following recommendations:
When designing application specific schemas, promote reuse, modularization, 
and extensibility, and leverage existing vertical and horizontal schemas.
When implementing a pure object centric processing model, keep XML on the 
boundary of your system as much as possible that is, in the Web service in 
teraction layer closest to the service endpoint, or, for more classical applica 
tions, in the presentation layer. Map document content to domain specific 
objects as soon as possible.
When implementing a document centric processing model, consider using the 
flexible mapping technique. This technique allows the different components of 
your application to handle XML in a way that is most appropriate for each of 
Strongly consider validation at system entry points of your processing 
model specifically, validation of input documents where the source is not 
When consuming or producing documents, as much as possible express your 
documents in terms of abstract 
 objects that are independent 
from the actual XML processing API you are using.
Consider a  meet in the middle  mapping design strategy when you want to 
decouple the application data model from the external schema that you want to 
Abstract XML processing from the business logic processing using the XML 
document editor design strategy. This promotes separation of skills and inde 
pendence from the actual API used.

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