page 56 
4) Investigate the inclusion of relative humidity (RH) data into ICOADS when RH is the only 
available moisture parameter. 
5) Consider developing links to sources of coastal and island data. 
Future workshops  
CLIMAR II saw the need to continue to monitor and assess progress in marine climate data 
analysis  by  bringing  together  the  global  data development  and  research  communities 
approximately every two years. Accordingly: 
1) A sequel to the Boulder workshop should be held in 1 2 years' time. 
2) CLIMAR III should be held in 2007. 
An important outcome of CLIMAR99 was the Dynamic Part of the WMO Guide to the 
Applications  of  Marine  Climatology  (WMO No.781)  (JCOMM,  2003b).  Accordingly, 
presentations  made  at  CLIMAR II  will  be  incorporated  into  a  further  JCOMM  Technical 
Report, and a selection of papers from CLIMAR II will be published in a special issue of the 
International Journal of Climatology, which will form an update of the Dynamic Part of the 
Guide.  Through  these  publications  and  the  participation  of  the  delegates,  CLIMAR II  will 
provide  guidance  and  technical  support  to  National  Meteorological  Services  in  their 
acquisition, processing, analysis and application of marine meteorological data. 
CLIMAR II was an outstanding success and the progress made since CLIMAR99 was 
clearly  evident.  We  look  forward  to  reporting  further  major  advances  by  the  time  of 
We are grateful to His Majesty King Albert II, the Belgian Federal Government and to 
the  Royal  Meteorological  Institute  of  Belgium  for  hosting  this  important  event.  We  thank 
Chris Folland and Dick Reynolds for useful comments on this paper. 
Braun,  D.S.,  2000:  Scientific  vision,  a  passion  for  observation,  and  the impetus  for  change: 
Germany loans  Maury logs to the National  Climatic Data Center. Earth System Monitor, 
11, No. 1, 4 7. 
Diaz, H., C. Folland, T. Manabe, D. Parker, R. Reynolds and S. Woodruff, 2002: Workshop 
on Advances in the Use of Historical Marine Climate Data, WMO Bulletin 51 (4), 377 380. 
GCOS (WMO/IOC/UNEP/ICSU), 2003: The Second Report on the Adequacy of the Global 
Observing  Systems  for  Climate  in  Support  of  the  UNFCCC,  GCOS 82,  WMO/TD  No. 
1143. [Available from: http://www.wmo.int/web/gcos/gcoshome.html.] 
JCOMM, 2003a: Proceedings of CLIMAR 99. JCOMM Technical Report No. 10. WMO/TD 
No. 1062, on CD ROM. 

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