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operating on  GCOS  
reference stations where 
IOCCG serves as 
Coordinate in situ observing 
data portal. 
needs with developing ocean 
adequate for 
carbon observing system: 
medium term 
where appropriate, enhance 
SOOP and TS activities with 
required measurements as 
prioritized by IOCCG. 
Italicized text indicates that actions are under discussion. 
Ocean carbon data management activities for SOOP and time series are also coordinated with the 
IFREMER Coriolis data projects (Argo, GOSUD, OTS) through a common expert, Thierry Carval, at 
Ifremer. Coordination as of April 2004 includes Carval participation at data workshop with input to 
Carbon SOOP data formats and exchange agreements, and communication links to GOSUD project. 
For more information and national / international planning documents, visit 
There is now reasonably comprehensive information about ocean carbon activities and 
plans, and the ocean carbon community is in agreement about the goals for an ocean carbon 
observing  system.  The  major  next  step  for  the  system  elements  is  to  develop  an  agreed 
strategy for the system that would provide a metric for gauging the progress in the creation of 
a system capable of meeting the product goals. The strategy for the global carbon survey from 
repeat hydrographic sections and the core and ancillary measurements required on each line 
will be developed within the year. The strategy for the surface ocean pCO
 network will begin 
with a re analysis of the sampling requirements needed for surface pCO
 to be able to make 
annual global air sea flux estimates to +/  10% (0.2 Pg C / yr). This network will undoubtedly 
require  a  multi system  approach  that  includes  VOS  operations,  drifters,  and  time  series 
measurements,  and  the  development  of  an  implementation  strategy  for  a  sustained  system 
from a variety of platforms will be challenging.  
Hood noted that previous OOPC  sessions have  called for the development of a pilot 
effort for ocean carbon, and that the IOCCP has already been working closely with the OOCP 
this past year in the development of the adequacy report and implementation plans for GCOS, 
as well as similar efforts for the IGOS P Integrated Global Carbon Observations Theme and 
GEO. While it has been agreed informally that the IOCCP is  GOOS Carbon  and is a pilot 
effort of OOPC, this has never been officially agreed or documented. 
The  OOPC  thanked  Hood  for  her  presentation  and  expressed  enthusiasm  about  the 
developing ocean carbon network. The Panel discussed some of the technical difficulties of 
the underway pCO
 systems and how these are currently hindering expansion of the number 
and  spatial  coverage  of  the  lines  and  integration  with  the  VOSClim  program.  The  Panel 
agreed  that  the  IOCCP  should  be  considered  as  a  pilot  effort  of  the  OOPC  and  that  ocean 
carbon issues for GOOS and GCOS should be coordinated through the IOCCP in cooperation 
with OOPC. 
7.4.10 Biogeochemistry 
Tommy  Dickey  provided  a  brief  introduction  to  the  International  Geosphere 
Biosphere Program (IGBP). His full presentation is available on the meeting website. IGBP 
programs  of  relevance  to  OOPC  activities  include:  Land Ocean  Interactions  in  the  Coastal 
Zone (LOICZ 2), Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), and Integrated Marine 
Biogeochemistry  and  Ecosystem  Research  (IMBER).  IMBER  builds  upon  and  extends 
research  conducted  during  the  Joint  Global  Ocean  Flux  Study  (JGOFS)  and  the  Global 

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