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National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) will take place on 1 October 2004, and no impact on the 
scientific output or partnerships is foreseen, but will need to be surveyed. 
Yutaka  Michida  briefed  the  panel  on  the  status  of  the  TRITON  moored  array.  The 
presentation, given on behalf of Yoshifumi Kuroda of JAMSTEC, is available on the meeting 
website. The TRITON array, consisting of 17/18 moorings in the western Pacific and 2 in the 
Indian Ocean has been stable, however a level funding situation in Japan makes it difficult to 
maintain  the  full  array.  Improved  technology  with  reduced  cost  and  collaboration  with  the 
Indonesian BPPT (see Section 7.3.3) may improve the situation. 
Discussion by the OOPC centered around salinity, which is not publicly released from 
the TAO array, and on the frequency of data transmission. The OOPC decided to urge TAO to 
make  salinity  data  available,  and  should  liaise  with  users  including  the  GODAE  High 
Resolution  Sea  Surface  Temperature  (GHRSST)  project  on  the  necessary  frequency  of 
7.4.2 Argo 
The panel heard a report from Brian King, a member of the Argo Steering Team (the 
Science Team has renamed itself), his presentation is available on the meeting website. The 
Argo array is currently at 40% of its target, though only about 50% of the floats go to 2000 m, 
the rest staying closer to the surface. This is mainly a technical limitation, as penetrating the 
higher stratification at lower latitudes takes more energy. About 80% of the data gets onto the 
GTS  or  to  data  centres  within  24  hours.  Argo  data  is  gradually  replacing  broadcast mode 
XBTs.  With  6000  monthly  profiles,  there  is  now  enough  data  that  in  some  regions  of  the 
world ocean, Argo now defines the density climatology. 
Argo held its first Science Workshop in November 2003, and attracted a large number 
of scientists, many not traditionally thought of as part of the program, which demonstrates the 
value of the data. The data quality of real time data was higher than expected, and delayed 
mode quality assured data will begin to be released in the near future. The outlook for Argo is 
good  if  countries  maintain  the  present  deployment  rate  and  float  performance  continues  to 
improve  as  it  has.  The  full  3000 float  array  should  be  reached  in  2006 7.  The  lifetime  of  a 
float  should  be  4  years  (150  cycles),  though  mechanical  problems  have  limited  the  life  of 
some.  Argo  needs:  sustained  funding,  continued  improvements  in  reliability,  completion  of 
data in delayed mode quality control, continued input of ship based CTD profiles for quality 
control, an expansion of the user community, and funding for an Argo project office. 
7.4.3 SOOP 
Ed  Harrison  gave  the  panel  an  update  on  the  Ship  of  Opportunity  Program  (SOOP) 
XBT observing network, his presentation is available on the meeting website. XBTs represent 
an important source of upper ocean temperature data, along with Argo and moored data. Argo 
now  has  reached  a  density  where  broadcast  mode  sampling  of  XBTs  is  unnecessary. 
However,  repeated  high density  XBT  lines  remain  an  important  tool  in  the  detection  of 
climate variability and change. It is estimated that 5000 more XBTs per year are necessary, 
and since the last review of lines was more than 5 years ago, it is time again for a review of 
the  requirements.  JCOMMOPS  has  in  place  facilities  to  keep  track  of  XBT  sampling  along 
lines. Data are provided by operators with a delay of approximately 3 months. The CLIVAR 
representatives were asked to solicit requirements by basin for high resolution repeated XBT 

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