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Fluxes,  SOLAS  and  programmatic  activities  associated  with  ocean  carbon.  Plans  for  2004 
cruises  have  already  been  made,  and  include  a  MERIDIAN  Ocean  Radiation  Experiment 
(MORE),  further  contributions  to  Good  Hope,  and  cooperation  with  scientists  from  South 
Africa,  Germany,  France,  Spain,  and  the  US.  Funding  for  the  cruises  are  in  place  through 
2010. Data from the cruises is available from the WOCE and Scripps data centers, and Sokov 
is the contact point for potential further cooperation. 
7.3.3 Pacific Panel 
Bob Weller and Katy Hill prepared a report on the activities of the CLIVAR Pacific 
Panel,  given  by  Weller.  The  presentation  is  available  on  the  meeting  website.  The  research 
goals  of  the  Pacific  Panel  are  improved  ENSO  predictability  including  links  with  higher 
frequency  and  decadal  variability,  better  understanding  of  decadal  modes  and  tropical 
extratropical exchanges, and basin scale storage, transport, and exchange including fluxes and 
the  effects  of  clouds.  In  terms  of  observational  capacity,  areas  of  concern  are  the  South 
Pacific,  rationalization  of  the  evolution  of  the  TAO  array,  and  taking  the  right  data  to  help 
improve  numerical  models,  especially  in  the  eastern  tropical  Pacific.  The  Pacific  Panel  has 
also considered a large number of process studies. 
A future focus of the Pacific Panel will be the South Pacific Observing System. The 
panel  has  proposed  a  workshop  in  the  spring  of  2005  to  address  ways  of  improving  data 
coverage in the region with the following objectives: to determine our current understanding 
of  the  South  Pacific  in  interannual  to  decadal  variability,  to  assess  the  adequacy  of  present 
models  and  observational  networks,  to  propose  future  model  experiments,  and  to  assess  the 
need for a dedicated South Pacific Climate Observing System. The Pacific Panel would like 
to  do  this  in  conjunction  with  OOPC  and  the  Southern  Ocean  Panel.  After  discussion,  the 
OOPC felt that this was a good initiative, and would provide a good opportunity to assess the 
data  and  climatologies  available  in  the  region.  A  new  climatology  from  Hamburg  was 
mentioned  as  having  uncertainty  estimates,  lacking  from  the  commonly used  Levitus 
climatology. Speer agreed to take the proposal to the Southern Ocean Panel, and to work with 
the Pacific Panel chair and Katy Hill in setting up a steering committee and prospectus for the 
workshop. Ryabinin pointed out the potential utility of also liaising with the Antarctic buoy 
program,  and  more  generally  improving  links  between  the  OOPC  and  the  polar  observing 
programs, which are represented by International Arctic Scientific Committee and the Arctic 
Council, this last one has established a Pacific Arctic group headed by Martin Bergmann of 
the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada. Bob Keeley agreed to talk with Bergmann. 
Yutaka  Michida  reported  on  the  6th  IOC/WESTPAC  scientific  symposium  that  was 
held in Hangzhou, China in April 2004. His presentation is available on the meeting website. 
WESTPAC  is  an  IOC  subcommission  representing  about  20  countries.  Michida  reported  to 
the symposium on the state of the ocean observing system, and on the commitments required 
to meet the  Next Steps  initial ocean observing network, stressing that the full participation of 
WESTPAC  nations  was  required.  The  symposium  was  also  an  opportunity  to  present 
interesting scientific results: one being that the inclusion of Argo data in a model predicting 
Nino3.4 temperatures added little skill to the simulation, though this result may be biased by 
the already strong sampling in the region from the TAO/TRITON array, altimetry, and XBTs. 
The  Japanese  have  also  had  good  success  in  a  subcontract  for  the  maintenance  of  TRITON 
moorings with Indonesian science and technology agency (BPPT). Michida reported that the 
Chinese  have  started  an  Argo  program,  and  OOPC  felt  it  would  be  good  to  liaise  with  the 
Chinese  observing  program,  and  will  seek  to  bring  someone  to  its  next  meeting  for  that 

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