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work to guard the importance of science as a way of advancing the societal benefits sought by 
6.6 CLIMAR II Conference 
Dick  Reynolds  reported  on  the  second  JCOMM  Workshop  on  Advances  in  Marine 
Climatology  (CLIMAR II).  His  presentation  is  available  on  the  meeting  website,  and  an 
extended report is in Annex VII.  
The  CLIMAR  workshops  are  focused  on  extracting  the  maximum  information  from 
historical  marine  climatology  records,  and  on  improving  the  observing  systems  for  future 
reference. Progress in many areas since the 1999  CLIMAR workshop was reported, and the 
CLIMAR II workshop made recommendations on elements of climate monitoring quality, the 
collection  of  metadata,  the  homogenization  of  observation  methods  and  analysis,  and  the 
improvement  of  data  availability.  The  proceedings  of  the  conference  will  be  published  in  a 
special  issue  of  the  International  Journal  of  Climatology,  and  CLIMAR III is  planned  to  be 
held  in  2007.  In  response  to  a  question  from  the  panel,  Reynolds  pointed  out  that  surface 
currents and waves were within the scope of CLIMAR, and would be added to the COADS 
archive, the main point of contact for this being Val Swail. 
7.1 EC/ESA Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and MERSEA 
Mark Drinkwater gave a presentation on GMES. The presentation can be downloaded 
from the meeting website. GMES is a joint EU and ESA initiative, is a contribution to GEO, 
and is designed to establish global monitoring capacity in support of sustainable development 
and provision of policy relevant products, realizing benefits for markets and society. Satellite 
ocean monitoring is one key element of GMES, with an initial focus on fisheries and vessel 
monitoring,  maritime  traffic  and  safety,  coastal  zones  and  open  ocean  environmental 
monitoring,  and  sea  ice  and  oil  spill  monitoring.  The  tools  necessary  for  GMES  services 
include operational ocean forecasting capability, so there are logical links with MERSEA and 
GODAE. It is now in a pre operational stage and will be fully established by 2008. 
As a complement to the Earth Explorer missions described in Section 5.2, ESA is also 
planning a number of Earth Watch missions, more service  rather than research oriented. One 
of these is planned to be an  altimeter to complement Jason  after 2008. A visible to infrared 
mission is also being studied. 
Drinkwater then gave a presentation on behalf of panel member Johnny Johannessen 
on MERSEA (Marine Environment and Security in the European Area). The presentation is 
available  on  the  meeting  website.  MERSEA s  objectives  are  complementary  to  GMES,  and 
are  to  deliver  information  products  needed  by  users  concerned  with  European  marine 
environment  and  security  policies.  MERSEA  Strand 1  was  an  EU  5th  Framework  program 
and has just ended. It integrated satellite observations, in situ observations, and modeling, to 
create ocean hindcasts, nowcasts and forecasts for various user groups. The main conclusions 
and recommendations from the MERSEA Strand 1 project are summarized below according 
to  requirements  for  satellite  measurements,  in situ  measurements,  modeling  capabilities  and 

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