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perspective for management and evolution, and the introduction of non physical variables to 
the  sustained  observing  system.  Efforts  to  improve  ocean  analysis  and  reanalysis  are  also 
necessary. The OCG coordinates the work of the JCOMM SOT, DBCP, and GLOSS panels, 
and  coordinates  with  the  Argo  project.  The  OCG  has  developed  partnerships  with  the 
International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project for carbon surveys, with CLIVAR for many 
deployment and survey activities, and with POGO for access to research vessels and reference 
moorings.  The  priorities  of  the  OCG  are  to  attain  real time  global  coverage  by  the  in  situ 
networks, to develop system wide monitoring and performance reporting, which will help in 
the commitment of funding to meet the implementation targets. 
The JCOMM Management team met for the third time in March 2004. Progress was 
noted in monitoring the status of the global observing efforts. This will facilitate the task of 
the OCG, and removes this responsibility from OOPC. There was a desire for more guidance 
on  ocean  climate  products  for  the  Products  and  Services  Program  Area  of  JCOMM.  In 
principle,  they  will  be  responsible  for  evaluations  of  the  products.  The  VOS  metadata 
concerns (WMO Publication 47) were  again raised, and we were told that the situation was 
being  addressed.  There  might  be  some  benefit  for  OOPC  from  engaging  with  JCOMM s 
Expert  Team  on  Sea  Ice  (ETSI).  JCOMM II  will  take  place  in  September  2005,  the  draft 
agenda is now under construction. A major challenge for JCOMM remains the development 
of resourcing for its wide range of activities. 
6.5 Other Organizations 
6.5.1 Partnership for Observations of the Global Ocean (POGO) 
Howard Roe, the chair of POGO, presented this item. The basic concept of POGO was 
to bring together the leadership of the institutions that actually have the capacity to observe 
the  oceans,  to  advocate  for  ocean  observing  programs  and  for  education based  capacity 
building. POGO has received some high level attention, including from the World Summit on 
Sustainable  Development  (WSSD)  and  GEO.  They  have  also  been  successful  at  putting  in 
place  several  capacity building  fellowship  programs.  POGO  has  a  lean  secretariat  (S. 
Sathyendranath at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography), so little overhead in its capacity 
building programs. Free and timely access of data is a POGO position, but a difficult one to 
advocate, as it is often tied up in national and military data release policies. 
6.5.2 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) 
Roe also presented this item. The GEO process grew out of the WSSD and the June 
2003 G8 meeting in Evian, France, and an Earth Observations Summit in July 2003, held in 
Washington, DC. It is an ad hoc group with a secretariat led by co chairs from the US, EC, 
Japan,  and  South  Africa,  and  is  currently  working  on  a  framework  document  and 
implementation plan for the use of earth observation systems to address global environmental 
and economic challenges. It is a very complex and fast moving process. The implementation 
plan will be written starting in July, with a review in the September timeframe, and adoption 
by  ministers  in  February  2005.  This  strategic  document  is  focused  on  9  areas:  disasters, 
health,  energy,  climate,  the  water  cycle,  weather,  ecosystems,  sustainable  agriculture,  and 
diversity,  and  ocean  observations  will  have  to  fit  into  this  framework.  Two  major  issues 
facing GEO, governance and resources, have not yet been tackled, but there is some chance 
that major resources will be attracted, due to GEO s visibility. Also for this reason, it has the 
potential to move the challenges of data availability and accessibility forward. The GCOS IP 
is seen as an important base for the GEO Implementation Plan, and OOPC members should 

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