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Technology . 
    On June 30, 1999, we acquired the MyAgent technology and related assets from Active Voice Corporation for 
a cash payment of $18 million. In addition, we hired six employees who comprised the MyAgent development team at Active Voice. The 
acquisition was accounted for as a purchase. Other than the MyAgent technology modules, no other assets or liabilities were assumed as part of 
this acquisition.  
The total purchase price of the acquisition of the MyAgent technology was $18.1 million including direct acquisition expenses of $83,054. 
In this transaction, we acquired net assets of $4.4 million. This includes $4.3 million in purchased technology, which includes in process 
research and development, and $80,000 of acquired workforce. This acquisition resulted in our recording $13.7 million of goodwill.  
We recorded a one time charge of $3.9 million for in process research and development that had not yet reached technological feasibility 
and had no alternative future use. Separately, we recorded a one time charge of $1.0 million for expenses related to bonus payments made to 
the Active Voice MyAgent team employees who accepted employment with us on the date of the MyAgent technology acquisition, but who 
had no obligation to continue their employment with us.  
USAOnline, Inc. 
    On April 28, 1999, Go2Net acquired Virtual Avenue and USAOnline in exchange for 546,000 shares of common stock 
valued at approximately $24.7 million.  
Haggle Online . 
    On April 16, 1999, Go2Net acquired Haggle Online in exchange for 149,356 shares of common stock valued at 
approximately $6.8 million.  

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