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We have increased the number of employees from less than 100 at January 1, 1998 to 741 at February 28, 2002. We have also expanded our 
facilities and now have development, operations and administrative facilities in Bellevue, Washington; American Fork, Utah; Montreal, 
Canada; Papendrecht, The Netherlands; Woking, United Kingdom; and Sydney, Australia. We have sales offices in San Francisco, California 
and New York City, New York. We also have a data center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
This expansion has placed, and is expected to continue to place, a significant strain on our management and operational resources. To 
manage the expected growth of our operations and personnel, we must continue maintaining and improving or replacing existing operational, 
accounting and information systems, procedures and controls.  
We have limited experience managing multiple offices with multiple facilities and personnel in disparate locations. As a result, we may 
not be able to effectively coordinate our efforts, supervise our personnel or otherwise successfully manage our resources.  
If we are unable to effectively manage the growth in our relationships with customers and other third parties, our business and 
reputation could be harmed. 
The rapid growth of our business has strained our ability to meet customer demands and manage the growing number of customer 
relationships. In addition, our customer relationships are growing in their size and complexity of services. As a result of the growth in the size, 
number, and complexity of our relationships we may be unable to meet the demands of our customer relationships, which could result in the 
loss of customers, subject us to penalties under our agreements and harm our business and reputation.  
We must also effectively manage our relationships with various Internet content providers, merchant resellers, wireless carriers and other 
third parties necessary to our business. If we are unable to effectively manage the growth of these relationships, our ability to provide our 
products and application services through multiple distribution channels to a wide audience of end users could suffer.  
Our expansion into international markets may not be successful and may expose us to risks that could harm our business. 
We began providing wireline services in the United Kingdom in the third quarter of 1998. With our acquisition of Saraide in March 2000, 
we now have a development and operations facility in The Netherlands serving European wireless carriers. In March 1999, we began providing 
Internet software and application services through a Canadian subsidiary and subsequently began to expand our wireless services into Canada. 
In 2001, we opened facilities in Australia and Brazil to serve our customers in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions. We also have 
entered into an agreement to expand our services into Mexico and are currently pursuing other international opportunities.  
We have limited experience in developing localized versions of our products and application services internationally, and we may not be 
able to successfully execute our business model in these markets. Our success in these markets will be directly linked to the success of our 
customers, merchant banks and aggregators and wireless carriers with whom we work in such activities. If they fail to successfully establish 
operations and sales and marketing efforts in these markets our business could suffer.  
We face a number of risks inherent in doing business in international markets, including:  
lower levels of adoption or use of the Internet and other technologies used in our business, and the lack of appropriate infrastructure to 
support widespread Internet usage; 
export controls relating to encryption technology; 
tariffs and other trade barriers; 

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