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Despite our efforts to protect our rights, unauthorized parties may copy aspects of our products or services or obtain and use information 
that we regard as proprietary. The laws of some foreign countries do not protect proprietary rights to as great an extent as do the laws of the 
United States. In addition, others could possibly independently develop substantially equivalent intellectual property. If we do not effectively 
protect our intellectual property, our business could suffer.  
Companies in the Internet software and application services industry have frequently resorted to litigation regarding intellectual property 
rights. We may have to litigate to enforce our intellectual property rights, to protect our trade secrets or to determine the validity and scope of 
other parties' proprietary rights. From time to time, we have received, and may receive in the future, notice of claims of infringement of other 
parties' proprietary rights. Any such claims could be time consuming, result in costly litigation, divert management's attention, cause product 
or service release delays, require us to redesign our products or services or require us to enter into royalty or licensing agreements. If a 
successful claim of infringement were made against us and we could not develop non infringing technology or license the infringed or similar 
technology on a timely and cost effective basis, our business could suffer.  
MetaCrawler License Agreement 
.    On January 31, 1997, Go2Net and Netbot entered into the MetaCrawler License Agreement pursuant 
to which Netbot granted Go2Net an exclusive, subject to certain limited exceptions, worldwide license to provide the MetaCrawler service. We 
acquired Go2Net in October 2000. Netbot was acquired by Excite, Inc. in November 1997 and Excite was acquired by At Home Corporation in 
May 1999. As part of the MetaCrawler License Agreement, we have the exclusive right to operate, modify and reproduce the MetaCrawler 
service including, without limitation, the exclusive right to use, modify and reproduce the name  MetaCrawler  and the MetaCrawler URL in 
connection with the operation of the MetaCrawler service. Netbot licensed the MetaCrawler service and the other intellectual property rights 
associated therewith from the University of Washington on an exclusive, perpetual basis. The search technology underlying the MetaCrawler 
service and the MetaCrawler trademark is licensed to or owned by Netbot and sublicensed to us pursuant to the MetaCrawler License 
Agreement. At Home Corporation is currently in bankruptcy proceedings. However, we have entered into a contingent arrangement with the 
original licensor of MetaCrawler and do not believe that the At Home Corporation bankruptcy will impact our ability to offer the MetaCrawler 
We operate in the wireless and Internet software and application services market, which is extremely competitive and rapidly changing. 
Our current and prospective competitors include many large companies that have substantially greater resources than we have. We believe that 
the primary competitive factors in the market for wireless and Internet software and applications are:  
the ability to meet the specific information and service demands of a particular Web site or wireless device; 
the cost effectiveness, reliability and security of the products and application services; 
the ability to provide products and application services that are innovative and attractive to consumers, merchants, subscribers and 
other end users; and 
the ability to develop innovative products and services that enhance the appearance and utility of the Web site, device or platform. 
Although we believe that no one competitor offers all of the products and services we do, our primary offerings face competition from 
various sources. We compete, directly or indirectly, in the following ways, among others:  
wireline services compete with search providers such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN, directory providers such as Yahoo and 
Microsoft's MSN, and broadband providers such as Yahoo, 

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